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The Founders

Three women with vision, paint brushes, and a love of their historic town. Dover Delaware, The capital of the First State.

N. Taylor Collins

Jan Crumpley


We are delighted to be located in such a historic location as where the US Constitution was ratified. We share a passion for art, our local history, our iconic women and the stories of them. We consider ourselves mini-Ambassadors and if you want to know anything about Dover and the immediate surrrounds, we recommend you stop and see us first. We know where the best place is for everything in our cute historic town.

 When you visit, you are actually standing on the site where our United States began as Delaware is the first state.  We love coming in everyday to create art, write and also play music as we are multi-talented.  You never know what we'll be doing when you visit but we can assure you, your trip will be memorable.  For more info on the Golden Fleece Tavern see below. 

Currently we have featured artists Dick Chinery. He paints in watercolor in a realistic style. We are always changing things around so be sure to stop in often in case you might miss something.

We are happy to be part of Eat Drink and Buy Art as well as being included in Art Strolls which features many local venues on the Delmarva Peninsula to see great art and eat. 


We are on the footprint of the old Golden Fleece Tavern, which acted as the seat of government for Delaware from 1777-1791.  During the Revolution, the Red Coats marauded the early 'capital' in New Castle, Delaware, a busy port, several times.  It was too easy to steal the treasury, government paper and even the governor (this happened a couple of times before they moved the capital to Dover, inland 10 miles from the Delaware Bay, the county seat of Kent County, Delaware).

The Golden Fleece Tavern was was the largest tavern where the Senate met & the tavern across the Green, the Sign of King George (later changed it's name to the General Washington after the Revolution) held the house.  It was here, at the Golden Fleece, where the U.S. Constitution was first ratified in 1787 - making Delaware the First State.  The Bill of Rights was also ratified on this location in 1790. The State House was finished in 1791 and one of the first laws they passed said that the people's business could not be convened in a tavern anymore!

Susan Johnston one of our founders moved to Maryland upon the retirement of her husband as President of Wesley College. The President’s House is the home of Annie Jump Cannon. Upon Susan’s leaving we dedicated her studio space as the Annie Jump Cannon Gallery as Annie is one of the most famous Dover women we know and want to make sure visitors know about her as well. The Cannon House is on the National Register of Historic Places and we hold an annual celebration to remember the Dover daughter we are so proud of in December each year. in 2018, the writer, Dava Sobel will be signing her books and speaking about Annie’s work in her recent book, The Glass Universe.